Stealth Genie Reviews – It’s Not a Scam – Read the Review

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Stealth Genie Review of the Most Powerful Spy Software

If you’re not familiar with the mobile phone and tablet spy software market, it’s understandable that you might not know about Stealth Genie or think it is a scam when you first hear of it.  Take a few minutes to read our StealthGenie Review.

Rest assured, Stealth Genie is not a scam. The mobile phone and tablet spy software market is a completely legitimate segment of the market with completely legal uses.

This Stealth Genie review will cover all of the incredible features of this top-of-the-line product – including the fact that Stealth Genie currently leads the market in terms of OS support with iOS5 compatibility.


Stealth Genie Review Record Calls

Spy Software Review – First Look at Stealth Genie

Out of all of the cell phone spy software that is out there today, it would be hard to argue that there is any software package better than Stealth Genie, and this spy software review will prove it.

Stealth Genie has more than 20+ incredible features that will allow you to access any information you want about the cell phone that you are spying on.

But, first things first. Why spy software? Well, for parents who want to keep an eye on their children in this dangerous digital age, and for managers who want to ensure that their company-owned devices are put to good use – nothing beats spy software. With software like Stealth Genie, you’ll never have to worry again because you will know for certain just how the mobile device you are monitoring is being used.

Stealth Genie Reviews – Spy Software Features

Here is a quick review of all of the powerful features that Stealth Genie provides.

  • Record calls
  • Call history
  • E-mail
  • Call intercept
  • SMS intercept
  • Location Tracking
  • Location Management
  • Sound recorder
  • Access Contacts
  • Access Voicemail
  • Access Calendar
  • Watch Video
  • Look at Photos
  • Listen to Music
  • Hear Voice Memos
  • Monitor Chat
  • Internet Browsing History
  • SIM card monitoring
  • Remote controls

As you can see, with Stealth Genie, everything on the mobile phone that you are monitoring is completely at your disposal. No guessing. No fumbling around with the actual device – all of the information you want is sent to you remotely and stored online – accessible via your Stealth Genie member login.

Monitor SMS Text Messages in Real Time

Review Stealth Genie SMS Spying

Stealth Genie Reviews – Supported Devices


On of the things that sets Stealth Genie apart from many of the other mobile spy software packages out there is the number of devices that they support. As mentioned earlier, Stealth Genie supports iOS5 which is rare among mobile spy software vendors. They also support all previous iOS versions, as well as almost all versions of Android and Blackberry.

Cell Phone Tracking with Stealth Genie

StealthGenie Review Cell Phone Tracking GPS

Stealth Genie Review – Conclusion & Recommendation

It’s clear that Stealth Genie is one of the best phone spyware products on the market – and this isn’t the only review out there that agrees with this conclusion.

Stealth Genie is simply the best phone spyware – and for many customers out there who are using iOS5, it is not just the best, but the only, option available to them. That makes the decision a lot easier considering the number of other mobile spy software vendors that are out there.

Say goodbye to your worries.  Sleep safe knowing that your children are safe, and work without distraction knowing that your employee’s aren’t misusing company-owned mobile devices. Life is better when you know, follow this Stealth Genie Review and get Stealth Genie today – that’s our recommendation and we’re sticking to it.

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