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Here is a question, can you spy on a cell phone without installing the software for it? Quck answer, no. There is no way to monitor a cell phone without the app installed. Another question, can you install the app remotely? If you want to remotely install Cell Phone Spy Software YOU NEED TO CHECK THIS OUT – Click Here!

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About Cell Phone Spy Software
Cell phone spy software has the same basic installation methods as any software. It must be manually downloaded onto the intended device to work on that device. To install spy software on a cell phone you need the phone you want to monitor. The software is installed using the same methods as any other phone app. These apps become active the instant they are intalled, but are not detectable by the cell phone user and cannot be accessed from the phone. Without these apps it is not possible to spy on a cell phone without installing software.

Monitoring a Cell Phone
You can monitor cell phone activity using special software, or applications, designed to track various information. There are several ways these apps gather information. A few of the basic features included with all versions of spy software include:

  • capturing text messages and emails.
  • downloading photos and videos from the phone
  • monitoring a cell phone location
  • creating logs detailing times, dates, lenth and specific numbers or emails for calls and texts for reference

Advanced features allow for instant access to calls and videos as they happen. You can listen in as a silent third party and see what is actually on the cell phone as it happens. There are also features allowing for real time location pinpointing of the phone.

A Warning About Free Cell Phone Spy Offers
You may wonder if it is possible to spy on a cell phone with free software. All reputable software comes from paid service providers. Any service or app offered as free has a “catch” which can harm both you and the phone you are monitoring.

To spy on a cell phone without installing software directly on the phone is also impossible regardless of what some sites may tell you. You must have the phone in possession for at least five minutes to get the app onto the phone. Any basic cell phone tracking software will work to track a cell phone. There will be a one time charge for the basic apps, but many of these are all you need.

How to Install and Use the Software
Choose the best app for your need to spy on the cell phone. Without installing software suitable to your needs you are wasting time and money. Not every app feature is required. Not every cell phone app fits every purpose. Spy Bubble is the basic cell phone spyware and has all the features listed above. Phone Sheriff is geared more for parental monitoriing with call monitoring included. MobiStealth allows for users to capture live calls as they are made.

Once installed, cell phone monitoring devices allow you access through a user interface available at the service providers website. You will have a user name and password which is not available from the target phone. You can access the interface via any online connection including smartphones.

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Theresa August 2, 2012 at 10:25 am

Can spyware be installed on a phone and passed to a target phone by text message ?
I think my andoroid razor phone has been compromised but no one has had it in there hands but me.


SpyManager August 4, 2012 at 10:55 am

If someone wants to spy on a cell phone without installing software or without having access to the phone they want to monitor, there is only one piece of software that we have tested that will work. Click Here — Remote Installing Software http://www.spygearexpert.com/cell-tracker


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